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John McCain running a disgraceful campaign

Posted by Christian  |  at  26.10.08

So after weeks of baiting the more rabid sect of their base, is it any surprise that these mindless zealots would react this way?  

Sarah Palin:

Our opponent … is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,” she said, referring to a co-founder of the 1960s-era Weather Underground, an organization the FBI labeled as a domestic terrorist group. In discussing Obama and Ayers, Palin cited the newspaper that the McCain-Palin campaign regards as a foe.

“I get to bring this up not to pick a fight, but it was there in the New York Times, so we are gonna talk about it,” she said. “Turns out one of Barack’s earliest supporters is a man who, according to the New York Times, and they are hardly ever wrong, was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that quote launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and US Capitol. Wow. These are the same guys who think patriotism is paying higher taxes.”
Of course the William Ayers connection to Barack Obama is no more relevant than John McCain's association to G.Gordon Liddy, who McCain says is not embarrassed by. Again, not a surprise because hypocrite and Republican are synonymous, but when David Letterman of all people pointed out the absurdity of these attacks and asked him if he had a relationship with Liddy, McCain response was "uh, I've met him", then Dave drops the hammer and asks him if he's ever had a fundraiser at Liddy's house, which seems to give McCain amnesia.

Here is a little more on Liddy
As Media Matters for America has noted, Liddy served four and a half years in prison in connection with his conviction for his role in the Watergate break-in and the break-in at the office of the psychiatrist of Daniel Ellsberg, the military analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Liddy has acknowledged preparing to kill someone during the Ellsberg break-in "if necessary"; plotting to murder journalist Jack Anderson; plotting with a "gangland figure" to murder Howard Hunt to stop him from cooperating with investigators; plotting to firebomb the Brookings Institution; and plotting to kidnap "leftist guerillas" at the 1972 Republican National Convention -- a plan he outlined to the Nixon administration using terminology borrowed from the Nazis. (The murder, firebombing, and kidnapping plots were never carried out; the break-ins were.) During the 1990s, Liddy reportedly instructed his radio audience on multiple occasions on how to shoot Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents and also reportedly said he had named his shooting targets after Bill and Hillary Clinton
The article notes that the New York Times piece Palin referenced, was the 18th written by the Times regarding Obama and Ayers, compared to a grand total of zero dealing with McCain and Liddy. Damn you, liberal media bias!

Fact check has looked into the McCain/Palin smears and has this to add.
Sen. John McCain has dialed up his attacks on Sen. Barack Obama's past association with former Weather Underground activist Bill Ayers. He released a 30-second TV spot Oct. 10 claiming Obama "lied" about Ayers. A day earlier he announced a 90-second Internet ad claiming that Obama and Ayers "ran a radical education foundation together" and suggesting Obama was being untruthful.

Groundless, False, Dubious

We find McCain's accusation that Obama "lied" to be groundless. It is true that recently released records show half a dozen or so more meetings between the two men than were previously known, but Obama never denied working with Ayers.

Other claims are seriously misleading. The education project described in the Web ad, far from being "radical," had the support of the Republican governor and was run by a board that included prominent local leaders, including one Republican who has donated $1,500 to McCain's campaign this year. The project is described by Education Week as reflecting "mainstream thinking" about school reform.

It also reviews the two media ads put out by the campaign. You are a wonderful example for your children Sarah. Hopefully they'll grow up to be fine Americans too, like the ones you cater to.


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