Sunday, November 16, 2008

past craze=double-decker buses, new craze=double-decker graves

Posted by Christian  |  at  16.11.08

Now how long could it have taken the British government to come up with this solution? Faced with a shortage of land for burial, The Times reports that in 2009, authorities across the country will be permitted to dig up existing graves so they can rebury them deeper and allow for additional space on top.

Under what they refer to as 'a test scheme',

new inscriptions will be added to the existing headstone to ensure that the heritage of the grave is not destroyed. Damaged or insignificant headstones would be removed and replaced with only the new name.
Now that doesn't seem fair, does it?

I mean, how rude! You're lying there for 100 years, and your headstone has been hit by lightning, or, I don't know, the guy driving the backhoe (do they use
backhoes in cemeteries there?)
slams into it, and now it gets replaced with only the new guy's name? Shenanigans I say! 
  Anyhow, a fairly recent government survey
estimates that England and Wales will reach capacity in about 30 years, while other parts are close to it now, so unless someone can find a cure for death, although it may be a sacred issue for some, this reality is inevitable in my opinion.


  1. While I prefer cremation I am still sort of surprised that according to the article, in England under 30 percent of deaths result in traditional burials.

  2. My dad has a story from his early team years when the families dug the hole in the churchyard cemetary. Doubling up was common.
    As he and his cousin neared the bottom of a "new hole" for a great uncle the casket below caved in and they fell into it, knee deep.
    He claims to have cleared out of the hole in one stride.
    They shoveled some dirt back into the cave in and called it "deep enought".


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