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Anti-Defamation League Targets Bill Moyers

Posted by Christian  |  at  17.1.09

    Last week, Bill Moyers ended his show with a commentary on the Gaza situation. That sprung the israeli propaganda machine anti-defamation league boss into action. Abe Foxman, sent a letter to Moyers, accusing him of engaging in racism, historical revisionism, and having an indifference to terrorism. It's their favorite ploy. Here is part of the letter, the rest can be found here

I have seen and read serious critiques of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, and I have disagreed with many of them. Your commentary, however, is different, consisting mostly of intellectually and morally faulty claims that do a great disservice to the PBS audience. It invites not disagreement, but rebuke.

On one point you are correct – “America has officially chosen sides.” And rightly so. Fortunately for our nation, very few of our citizens engage in the same moral equivalency, racism, historical revisionism, and indifference to terrorism as you. If the reverse held, it would not be a country that any decent person would want to live in.

   Pretty effin harsh...and delusional to anyone who actually watches the clip.
Warning: some graphic images

   But Moyers wasn't having any of it. He correctly called out the defamer Foxman and his tactics. Here is part of the response.
Dear Mr. Foxman:

You made several errors in your letter to me of January 13 and I am writing to correct them.

First, to call someone a racist for lamenting the slaughter of civilians by the Israeli military offensive in Gaza is a slur unworthy of the tragedy unfolding there. Your resort to such a tactic is reprehensible

Contrary to your claim, I made no reference whatsoever to “moral equivalency” between Hamas and Israel. That is an old canard often resorted to by propagandists trying to divert attention from facts on the ground, and, it, too, is unworthy of the slaughter in Gaza. Contrary to imputing “moral equivalency” between Hamas and Israel, I said that “Hamas would like to see every Jew in Israel dead.” I said that “a radical stream of Islam now seeks to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth.” And I described the new spate of anti-Semitism across the continent of Europe. I am curious as to why you ignored remarks which clearly counter the notion of “moral equivalency.”

   Now, if only others would follow in his footsteps. Keep it up Bill!


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