Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jewish Defence League controls who comes to Canada

Posted by Christian  |  at  26.3.09

On March 16th 2009, extremist right wing group the Jewish Defence League of Canada, sent a letter to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, his cabinet colleague Peter Kent and opposition MPs to let them know they wanted the government to keep that "hater" (George Galloway)out of Canada.

"We asked that he not be allowed in," said Meir Weinstein, national director of the Jewish Defence League of Canada.

"Whether or not that had an effect on anyone – well, he's not in."
Weinstein, leader of the ifyoucriticizeIsraelyou'reanti-semitic brigade says he rounded up all his friends and ordered them to contact Canadian politicians and write to newspapers about Galloway.

Four days later, poodle Jason Kenney assured the group there was nothing to worry about. Kenney, being a pro-semantics kind of guy, said his political staff never contacted the Canada Border Services Agency. It was strictly the CBSA who "made the decision" to refuse Galloway. But,
"Neither I nor my office have been in direct touch with CBSA officials about it," Kenney said in an interview.

"But the public servants in both ministries do correspond on a daily basis – on hundreds of files like this."
So the question is, do these public servants have ties to the jewish propaganda outlets? And if so, which outlets? Are they the same ones you party with Jason?

This is a video of Galloway slapping down a right wing reporter from skynews, after she employs the usual "you support the terrorists" canard.


  1. Actually the JDL are a smokescreen for the decision. It was probably made by Israeli officials and Kenney. The "public security" agreement with Israel allows them to have a role; this was not a unilateral decision.

  2. To be honest Meir Weinstein is a vainglorious braggart who likes to claim influence he doesn't have. While the JDL loudly complained about Galloway correlation is not causation and just because Galloway was banned doesn't mean it's a result of the JDL's intervention.

  3. Anonymous 1, apologies for a late response, I had left for work before seeing your comment.

    I am unaware of the "public security" agreement and what it entails. I'll look into it, to see what you are referencing.

    Anonymous # 2. Of course it doesn't prove it. However, there is no denying that the various Jewish groups, collectively, have tried to muzzle any criticism directed Israel's way.

    The truth is, we'll probably never know.


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