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"In the Beginning, Man Created God."

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heh,heh,heh. I

admit, I am enjoying the back and forth between the non~believers and the fundies. Now to be clear, when I say fundies, I don’t mean the

*70 percent of religious folks who are actually thoughtful, rational human beings, who would  admit they might be wrong.  I have friends and family members like that. They also don’t go around judging everyone else and telling them they are going to burn in hell for whatever reason. Quite the opposite. The *70 percent I refer to are compassionate, understanding  people, who don’t look down on others. 

Then there are the fundies, the 30 percenters. Oh, the 30 percenters. These folks represent the definition of hypocrisy. And insanity. They use religion as a weapon. Instead of being understanding and tolerant, they rail against anyone who is not like them. Sadly, I know people like that as well. Whether it be gay and lesbian issues or abortion, the crazy comes out. What ever happened to ‘we are all God’s children’? 


Anyhow, a group of atheists from Indiana have launched a bus campaign suspiciously named, The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign, which will see 25 buses drive around Chicago {yes Chicago} with the same image at the top of this page. Well, a slightly larger image.


The Indiana atheists had originally purchased bus ads to run in South Bend, Indiana, which read “You can be good without God”, however, the ads were bought and approved through an advertising agency which promised the ads would be up and running before President Obama’s commencement address at Nbussotre Dame.  Burkhart Advertising, which handles bus ads for TRANSPRO, South Bend’s bus company, informed the group days before the speech, that they had not been given approval to place the ads, and TRANSPRO would be meeting to review the slogan. 

Although the group’s ads were finally approved by the bus company, Burkhart failed to honour their contract, delivering only approval of

the ads after the speech. As Charlie Sitzes, a spokesman for the Atheist Bus Campaign put it, the delay was about as useful as “buying a 1972 Sears catalog.”

The atheists also tried to place bus ads in Bloomington, Indiana, only to be rejected by Bloomington Transit who stated that they could reject any ad they feel is ‘too controversial.’ That prompted the Indiana ACLU to launch a little campaign of their own. They are suing Bloomington Transit on First Amendment grounds.

One bright spot in Bloomington though, is the Mayor. Mayor Mark Kruzan came out against his own transit system, claiming this rose to the level of government censorship. 

I felt strongly that the city shouldnt be defending on this issue, he said Thursday.

Bloomington Public Transportation Corp. operates as a separate municipal corporation, which contracts with the city of Bloomington legal department to provide legal services.

Kruzan said having city legal defend BT in court would amount to promoting government sanctioned censorship because the bus service gets city legals services at an hourly rate less than that of a private law firm, which is in essence a partial taxpayer subsidy.

Suck it cons!
*denotes a number I pulled out of the air. The nutjobs are always in that 30 percent range. George Bush’s fan club, for example.


  1. Regrettably, the mayor is a "blight," rather than a bright, spot in the Bloomington community.
    Mark Kruzan: A "Convenient" and Hypocritical Civil Libertarian

    Mayor Kruzan, an arrogant pork and patronage politico whose “political career is steeped in the unvarnished graft and corruption that permeates Indiana state government,” is a “convenient” and hypocritical civil libertarian who specializes in speech-chilling tactics against his critics.

    For the rest of this comment, see:

    First Amendment Advocate

  2. Yes, perhaps I should have phrased it differently.
    One bright spot in this situation is Mayor Mark Kruzan's statement. Thanks for the link, Anon

  3. Rational AnarchistMarch 25, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    This is the kind of blasphemy I appreciate. It's from the back cover of Jethrow Tull's Aqua Lung. It always struck a resonant chord. We invent our deities and give them whatever power we need to justify our behavior : "We perform these atrocities in the name of Gawd and his son Cheesus, Aaayyyla, Budd-a, Yaw-way, Top Raman Ra, The Snake Gawd, The Pig Gawd, the Penis Gawd or Boob Gawd (Americas favorites)." Verse 6..............

    1 In the beginning Man created God;
    and in the image of Man
    created he him.

    2 And Man gave unto God a multitude of
    names,that he might be Lord of all
    the earth when it was suited to Man

    3 And on the seven millionth
    day Man rested and did lean
    heavily on his God and saw that
    it was good.

    4 And Man formed Aqualung of
    the dust of the ground, and a
    host of others likened unto his kind.

    5 And these lesser men were cast into the
    void; And some were burned, and some were
    put apart from their kind.

    6 And Man became the God that he had
    created and with his miracles did
    rule over all the earth.

    7 But as all these things
    came to pass, the Spirit that did
    cause man to create his God
    lived on within all men: even
    within Aqualung.

    8 And man saw it not.

    9 But for Christ's sake he'd
    better start looking.


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