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Lies Robert Fulford and the National Post tell us

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I stumbled upon this drivel in the National Post titled, Robert Fulford: Lies the President told us, from some hack who apparently considers himself a journalist. In the piece posted by a NP editor, Fulford deceives his readers by claiming that

U.S  President Barack Obama lied during a recent press conference when discussing the ongoing turmoil in Iran. Fulford cites two sentences from the press conference and says “It is not too much to call two vital sentences in his recent press conference lies.” 

Lie one, according to Bob:  “The Iranian people have a universal right to assembly and free speech.” Then he spreads some bullshit about why it’s a lie, yada yada.

Here’s the reality, Bob. Barack Obama did NOT say that. If you are going to smear someone for something they said, at least get his or her words right, you drudge.

This is what Obama DID say


“The chancellor and I discussed the tragic situation in Iran,” Obama said at the opening of a joint news conference.

“Today we speak with one voice. The rights of the Iranian people to assemble, to speak freely, to have their voices heard -- those are universal aspirations.”

And if the Reuters report doesn’t suffice, here is a visual aid. The relevant part begins at the 2:30 mark.

Pretty shoddy reporting.  Are Bob and the National Post always this irresponsible?

The second sentence Fulford and the Post use to call Obama a liar.

If the Iranian government seeks the respect of the international community, it must respect those rights and heed the will of its own people.”

Since Fulford’s explanation for why that one is a lie is also based on his fabricated quote (“universal right”) attributed to Obama, I am not buying Bob’s “but we do business with China!!!” argument. Given the context of the entire quote, it is clear Obama is referencing the fallout from the recently held election and how the Iranian government has responded toward it’s citizens.  What is being called for, in my opinion, is for the regime to halt the violence against the people and take their concerns regarding  fraudulent returns seriously,  if they expect to be seen as legitimate.

The whole quote


The Chancellor and I discussed the tragic situation in Iran.  Today we speak with one voice:  the rights of the Iranian people -- to assemble, to speak freely, to have their voices heard -- those are universal aspirations.  And their bravery in the face of brutality is a testament to their enduring pursuit of justice.  The violence perpetrated against them is outrageous.  Despite the government's efforts to keep the world from bearing witness to that violence, we see it and we condemn it.  As I've said before, the Iranian people will be the ultimate judge of their government's actions.  But if the Iranian government desires the respect of the international community then it must respect the rights, and heed the will, of its people.

Poor form, Bob. Your assertion that these “two vital sentences” are lies, is absurd.


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