Sunday, September 20, 2009

Follow Up~Military investigation of sex abuse ‘doesn’t ring true’

Posted by Christian  |  at  20.9.09

David Pugliese has new details on yesterday's story regarding the sexual abuse of Afghan boys on Canadian bases. To be clear, the abuse was carried out by Afghani men who were members of Afghan security forces. The Canadian military has in no way been accused of such heinous activities. They, along with the harper government in my opinion, are only covering it up!

What's new

  • Today we learn the agency charged with conducting the investigation into the allegations, never stepped foot in Afghanistan.
  • the Canadian Forces National Investigation Services has about as much credibility as the RCMP.
  • the abuse was enough of a common occurrence that Canadian and foreign soldiers coined a phrase for it: "Man Love Thursdays"
  • Liberal MP Bryon Wilfert, NDP’s defence critic, Jack Harris, calling for outside investigations, not buying the government military spin

Jack Harris:
“My initial reaction to the report was that it doesn’t ring true and it still doesn’t ring true that all of these allegations can be dismissed as having no substance at all,” Harris said. “It doesn’t pass the sniff test.”
Bryon Wilfert:
“There’s always questions in the public mind whether certain organizations should investigate themselves,” Wilfert said. “I think the severity of these allegations are such and (the NIS report) seems to fly in the face of pretty credible witnesses who have come forward.”


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