Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the maniacally defiant harpercons

Posted by Christian  |  at  22.9.09

h/t Impolitical

So steve the skeeve harper is up to his usual brand of politics. Steal tax payer money and fund an illegal media blitz touting some bullshit, or other. In this case steve decided he'd rather promote his party, by a spending ratio of 5:1, over raising public awareness about the flu pandemic. But hey, why spend money educating the public when body bags are so much more cost efficient?

Impolitical's link concerns the actions taken by steve and his cronies following some backlash from the transparent stunt. According to the story, they removed over 30 pictures of harper from the action plan website.

And this is the part where their sanity comes into question. One of steve's spokeswomen defended the original photos being on the site. 24 hours later, she denied any were taken down. Seriously, wtf is wrong with these people?
Late Sunday night, a PCO spokeswoman had defended the dozens of Harper photos on the action plan website, writing by email that, "The Prime Minister is the chief spokesperson in the Government of Canada for the (action plan)."

Monday evening, the same PCO spokeswoman called The Canadian Press with a single talking point that can in no way be reconciled with the altered appearance of the site:

"We have not removed any pictures of the PM," said Myriam Massabki.


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