Monday, October 5, 2009

NDP takes "blue ribbon" baby away from same sex couple

Posted by Christian  |  at  5.10.09

{ahem...adjusts dipper outrage hat} Why does the NDP hate gay people? What does it say about the people who vote for this despicable party? They are trying to destroy Canada!!! They are immoral and insane!1!1 Sellouts!! Unless we do it, of course!

A same sex couple in Winnipeg are left wondering:
"Why are we good enough to foster very special, high-needs kids, but we aren't good enough for the 'blue-ribbon baby'?"
The couple, who were already caring for two children at the time of placement, agreed to look after a third on the condition it would be a long-term placement that could lead to adoption.

This past Friday however, government officials informed the women they decided another couple should become the adoptive parents.
They said an official with the provincial government's Child and Family Services Ministry told them the little girl was a "blue ribbon baby" because she was healthy.
The couple is taking their case to the provincial Human Rights Commission.


  1. Yes, the more time I spend in Manitoba, the less "Friendly" it is.

  2. Anonymous, you would know better than most!

  3. See? must be a manitoba christian.

  4. lol, Anonymous! I just meant since you live there. But Toronto can be a cold place, as well.


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