Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dicktator stephen harper plays the "national security" card to derail torture cover~up~ sends out big guns

Posted by Christian  |  at  26.11.09

I have said this before., And I'm sure that to any rational being following the politics under the harper regime, this comes as no surprise.
The federal government is blocking whistleblowing diplomat Richard Colvin from giving documents to a special House of Commons committee investigating Afghan torture.
How law & order steve plans to obfuscate.
The revelation Wednesday came one day after Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged that the committee would get "all legally-available" documents in order to carry out its investigation.
And who will be the one determining what is "legal" and what isn't? Apparently, the Justice Department and Foreign Affairs.
Justice Department lawyers have told Colvin - through the Foreign Affairs Department - that they do not accept the view that testimony before Parliament is exempt from national security provisions of the Canada Evidence Act.
The result from thee desperate for power stepen harper's actions? Not good!
As a result, Colvin's lawyer has written to the committee advising that Colvin won't be able to provide documents to Parliament as he was instructed to do last week.

Given "the potentially grave repercussions to Mr. Colvin for violating provisions of the Canada Evidence Act, Mr. Colvin is not now in a position to comply with the committee's request for documents without further instruction resolution of the question of the applicability of (Section) 38 to the documents," Lori Bokenfohr wrote in a letter obtained by The Canadian Press.
Why are we in Afghanistan, again?


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