Wednesday, November 11, 2009

right wing ally receives life in prison for fatally stabbing pregnant Egyptian

Posted by Christian  |  at  11.11.09

How conflicted the wingnuts must have been at the time. On the one hand, a Muslimn is dead, yay! On the other, she was with child. I'm thinking it probably went something like this. "Oh my god! Oh, it was a Muslin, whew, that doesn't count as a real baby, we're all good!"

Then they dropped to their knees and prayed to cardboard cutouts of george bush or stephen harper. But that's just a guess.

At any rate, the racist murderer got life in prison with no chance of early release for stabbing Marwa al-Sherbini to death. He was also convicted of attempted murder for his attack on al-Sherbini's husband, Elwy Okaz.

In his closing arguments on Monday, prosecutor Frank Heinrich said there was no doubt of Wiens's reasons.

"It's clear that his motive was hatred for Muslims," Heinrich told the panel of judges. "Like a maniacal, cold-blooded killer, he started stabbing the woman and her husband, who was trying to protect her."
Good riddance!


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