Tuesday, April 13, 2010

harper mole Mary Dawson refuses to investigate Helena Guergis ~ updated

Posted by Christian  |  at  13.4.10

And she doesn't even have to explain why. It is interesting that stephen harper saw fit to call for an investigation while his appointee sees no reason for one.

“Based on the information the Commissioner has at this time, she is not in a position to proceed with an inquiry” based on conflict-of-interest rules governing MPs and cabinet ministers, the statement said.

But Dawson said she “will continue to monitor the situation.”
Oh, well, as long as she monitors it, I'm sure it will be fine!
The commissioner has also declined to follow up on a request by the federal Liberals to look into Guergis’s purchase of an $880,000 house in Ottawa.
I'd say harper's accountability pledge is working out pretty great.

updated to add:

The Star is under the assumption that the commissioner’s office lacked evidence of "information indicating that Guergis acted in an official capacity to further her own private interests or to further the private interests of a relative, friend or other person." How can one possibly come to that conclusion without an investigation?


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