Friday, August 13, 2010

Mayoral Candidate Rob Ford Enjoys Fellating Donkeys!

Posted by Christian  |  at  13.8.10

Can I back up this statement with evidence? No! But since wingnut Rob Ford has adopted the right wing strategy of smearing his opponent and then asking them prove him wrong, I have decided to play his game.

So Rob Ford, prove to me that you don't fellate donkeys! I'm waiting, Rob. Why would anyone vote for Rob Ford when they know he fellates donkeys? Oh and have I mentioned that Mayoral Candidate Rob Ford Enjoys Fellating Donkeys? Playing the Rob Ford game is fun! Anyhow, here are the relevant quotes from this story, in my opinion...bolding mine

Councillor Doug Holyday, chair of the audit committee, agreed with Miller that Ford should approach the authorities with concerns.

Corruption is a strong term, and I think in order to use it, you have to have proof,” said Holyday, like Ford a member of council’s right wing. “I really don’t have proof of corruption here and I don’t know that anybody else has.

If somebody has any evidence of it, they should take it to the authorities, and if they’re not prepared to do that, then I think they’re stepping out of line to use that term.”
christ, Rob Ford! Stop fellating donkeys! You have lost a fellow right winger! Even he wants you to stop...


  1. It's hard to fellate oneself--Donkeys included.

  2. It may be difficult, yes. But not I've heard.

  3. It is not a bad plan in Ford's defense. He has secured the Donkey vote.

  4. It seems he has indeed secured the Donkey vote, Anon.
    I was recently dating a woman who had never voted before. I have only been following politics for a short while myself, but I introduced her to Progressive Bloggers and various other sources and she started paying more attention as well.

    She calls me up a few nights ago (yes, we're still friends) and says she is casting her first vote.....for rob ford! That alone justified ending the relationship.

    And it goes to show, throw out a few sound~bites, they don't have to be true, and the donkeys will buy it without question.


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