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2004: stephen harper immoral ~ 2011: stephen harper still immoral ~update

Posted by Christian  |  at  28.1.11

updated below

Look at it this way, Iggy. He could have accused you of supporting child pornography.I know, I know, give it time. But as stephen harper's latest false attack ads make their rounds targeting ignorant voters, a.k.a - his base, I wonder just how desperate he'll become as the threat of an election becomes a reality. How vicious will stephen harper become? Is there a line of decency this fascist won't cross? I don't believe such a line exists. stephen harper has shown how immoral he really is on multiple occasions, however, for those who may not have been following closely back then, let's flashback to the 2004 federal election campaign.

stephen harper uses rape and murder of 10 year old girl; accuses Paul Martin and N.D.P of supporting child pornography.

On June 18, 2004, as the federal election campaign wound down, and the conservatives leading in the polls mind you, stephen harper and his band of "warriors" sent out a press release titled "Paul Martin Supports Child Pornography?".

The date of the release is relevant, and here is why. About thirteen months earlier, a little girl in Toronto was raped and murdered by a sicko. One day before stephen harper's despicable attack, the suspect at the time, pleaded guilty and told the court that child pornography was to blame for his actions. Seizing on raw emotion from a heart wrenching tragedy, stephen harper and his crew jumped on the opportunity to insinuate Mr.Martin was a pedophile. I'm surprised it took them that long.

What was behind stephen harper's reprehensible attack? Paul Martin didn't agree with some measures the right wing harper supported. And as we know, if you disagree with stephen harper on anything, you hate Canada. Don't agree with torture? You hate the troops and coddle terrorists! Don't think someone should be locked up for having some marijuana? You my friend are soft on crime! and on and on....

It was a fiasco for the harpercons. Retracting the initial release, releasing a second inflammatory memo: "Today, Martin says he's against child pornography. But his voting record proves otherwise,", retracting that one seconds later. The cons were spinning, realizing they had in fact gone too far. Of course harper never apologized, cause that would take integrity. And because he is never wrong. So the writing was on the wall regarding stephen harper's character.

The lesson here is stephen harper will accuse, insinuate, outright lie, smear, cheat and do whatever it takes to gain and or retain power. Including using a tragedy like the one mentioned above. And that is immoral. stephen harper, a man with no honour. He never did retract the one asking if "The NDP Caucus Supports Child Pornography?". Such a role model. Such an a adult.

Here is a link describing some of what happened that day.

update: harper cons pull misleading ads

This is rich. After taking criticism from all sides of the political spectrum for their dishonest attack ads, harper's crew have taken down the two videos, claiming they were only intended as a one day special web posting. Sort a like a sale at Best Buy. Or something. I'm sure it had nothing to do with being ridiculed.

The federal Conservatives have abruptly yanked two controversial attack ads just a day after unleashing them.

The ads, featuring an out-of-context video clip of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, prompted a torrent of criticism — even from some conservative commentators.

A party official said the ads were always intended to be "a one-day web posting" and there were never any plans to pay to air them on television.

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  1. Well at least The Conservatives don't waste money like the Liberals, (Sponsorship Scandal, Gun Registry, EHealth,all day kindergarden, Wind and Solar Panel farms(don't know why they call them farms, nothing grows there?!) Germany are taking down there solar panels, too costly does not produce enough energy, and California are taking down there windmills, again too costly and does not produce enough energy. SO if this is the best you can do.......KEEP LOOKING!!! HARPER GOOD, Liberals/NDP BAAAAD!!


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