Monday, January 24, 2011

is harper stooge John Baird insane?

Posted by Christian  |  at  24.1.11

Seriously, is he? Firstly for aiding a fascist, but secondly, coming out with this nonsense. Conservatives scold opposition parties for polishing their election campaigns, especially the day after imbecile harper stages yet another propaganderrific commercial. Most likely on our dime.

The NDP is taking media through its newly renovated, very orange, war room near Parliament Hill, showing off its information technology and research capacity.

And as the Liberals kick off their winter caucus meetings, they're bringing in all their election candidates for a training day today, as well as putting up their leader Michael Ignatieff for photos in campaign literature.

The Tories have sent out House leader John Baird to scold the opposition for playing games with the electorate while work in reviving the post-recession economy needs to be done.
John, you self loathing asshole! You and your party have been campaigning for the last five years! Go fuck yourself.


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