Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stella Ambler, wtf? update...

Posted by Christian  |  at  3.4.11


Upon reading my post after its appearance on Progressive Bloggers, I realised most wouldn't have a clue who stella ambler is. Here is some quick background.

She is running for steve harper in the federal election in my district. I received calls from both stella and steve within thirty~six hours of each other. Stella Ambler adores steve harper and is running on his record.

end of update

Hey Stella! Was that you that cut me off and endangered both of our lives this morning?

Do you drive a white car with a prominent sign displaying your name on the passenger door, the door I would have hit if I hadn't slammed my brakes?

The intersection was Indian Road and Infinity. The time was between 8:10 and 8:25. Was that you? You fascist loving opportunist!

More on Stella in the coming days,....unless of course, I die going to work one day because a right wing fuckhead decides her time is so valuable that rules don't apply to stephen harper fans.


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