Sunday, December 25, 2011

Whew! Despite Late Attack on Santa, christmas 2011 pulls through!

Posted by Christian  |  at  25.12.11

Man, that was close! As evidenced by the photo, a baby jesus hatin cop ambushed jolly ol' St.Nick on his last stop. The poor guy was prevented from shimmying down the chimney, forced instead, to ungracefully "drop" the last gift down the opening. Barely!

I won't sugar coat this. I was very worried we might not make it this year. After reading story after story of vicious attacks from people pushing some nonsense about the separation of church and state, I thought they had us.

And consider this, now backed by a Muslim/Kenyan President as an ally, the "war on christmas" and apple pie, and the troops, and white people had reached a crisis point.

Would courts side with the extremists who believe the government should represent all of society, or would they agree with the reasonable folks who want to remind everyone, everywhere, all the time, that their beliefs are the only ones that matter?

Although it wasn't a perfect outcome, due to the fact some of the zealots were allowed to put up displays on government property, in the end, faith prevailed and christmas was saved!

And with that, Season's Greetings to all and a safe and happy 2012!

(Or whatever salute you sinners go by!)


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