Monday, August 6, 2012

P.S.A !...Chick-Felays is NOT Chick-fil-A! Know Your Target!

Posted by Christian  |  at  6.8.12

People, please! It's protesting 101. Know who it is you are upset with. While your intentions may be noble, your approach is objectionable. Imagine a business owner having customers walk in, order food and then not only refuse the order, but berate the staff. According to this Star story, that is exactly what happened to Nabeel Khan, President and CEO of the Chick-Felays franchise.

“We had one guy come into one of our restaurants, ordered his food, and then refused it, asking us how we could be so discriminating,” said Khan, recounting a string of such encounters between customers and employees at Chick-Felays’ four locations in southern Ontario. “We had no idea what he was talking about. He said, ‘This is garbage,’ and walked out.”
It took a while for Mr.Khan to figure out folks were associating his franchise with the American Taliban chain, and felt compelled to post a sign in the store receiving most of the unwarranted attacks.
Among the more memorable moments in his restaurants, Khan mentioned a couple who arrived at one location asking the cashier, “How can you work for a boss who is so discriminating?” while a family came in yelling “you’re disgusting.” He said the situation became so severe at Chick-Felays’s Listowel restaurant that a sign had to be placed in the window indicating “We are pleased to announce that we are not affiliated with Chick-fil-A.”
So back to my original appeal. People, please! Know who it is you are upset with, or you might be causing grief for an innocent business owner, his or her family and staff, for absolutely no reason! Mr.Khan comes across as a great Canadian. His advice to the bigot Dan Cathy is this:
He says if he were ever to meet Dan Cathy, restaurateur to restaurateur, he would give him this advice: “I would tell him to smarten up. Think before you open your mouth. I would tell him that not hurting people, even with words, is what humanity is all about.”
Chick~Felays' website for locations, services, or who knows, perhaps some positive feedback.


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