Thursday, December 11, 2008

"fembot" gets mixed reviews

Posted by Christian  |  at  11.12.08

     Mr.Trung Le of Brampton, Ontario, has built a robot that resembles a female in more than just one way. After years of planning, Mr.Le began to assemble Aiko in August of 2007 and, minus the hair, was finished about 2 months later. According to Le, the robot is capable of speaking approximately 13,000 sentences in Japanese and English, solve advanced math problems, and provide weather reports from around the world! no word on if it can get beer from the fridge

    Like a real woman, the finicky Aiko also prefers to be romanced before being groped. And she  left him homeless and caused him to have a heart attack.

   A great achievement for anyone to be sure, however reaction to Mr.Le's creation has ranged from mild curiosity to outright hostility.

His robot girl has been heckled and worse in their public outings, Le said.

A home video he posted on YouTube in 2007 is not without controversy. After having her read a text in Japanese and solve an algebra problem, he asks Aiko to follow the movements as he moves his glasses in front of her face. But she can't.

She's been called a fake on the Internet and to her face.

Le has taken her out to a Brampton park three times. "Most people have been very curious about her and want to know what all she can do," he said.

Women, in particular, have been fascinated. Some touched her breasts to feel the silicone, he said.

But Le said one elderly woman got hostile, yelled at them and threw rocks. She told Le he was "trying to be God and it isn't right."

Mr.Le has also been accused of creating Aiko to fill a romantic void in his life, which he denies. Only he knows for sure I suppose. Don't let them discourage you Mr.Le, they mocked me 25 years ago when I would drink a glass of milk with a touch of espresso. Now they call it latte macchiato and charge ten bucks for it. Okay, not ten, still it's not cheap and I won't even go into the ridicule I received for toasting the bread before making a sandwich.  


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