Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taser Mountie kills 21 year old

Posted by Christian  |  at  13.12.08

   One of the 4 Mounties involved in the taser death of Robert Dziekanski will face charges for impaired driving causing death, with additional charges a possibility.

   On or around Saturday, October 25th 2008, Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson was driving a Jeep while impaired and collided with 21 year old Orion Hutchinson of Tsawwassen B.C, who was riding his motorcycle travelling in the opposite direction. Mr.Hutchinson was thrown from his bike suffering serious injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

   Robinson was taken to Delta police headquarters where he was given, and failed, a breathalyser test. At the time the police refused to name Robinson as the driver of the Jeep. They also refused to reveal how much over the legal limit he was. Robinson was then released with a promise to appear on January 15th, 2009, and face charges. Being released as he was, it provided the officer the opportunity to keep his name hidden. If he had been held, he would have faced a judge, and with the charges pending formally sworn, it would then be public information.
Unfortunately for him, the media had enough information and identified Robinson.

with a video of a woman claiming Robinson did nothing to help Orion

RCMP spin doctor spokesman Sgt.Tim Shields, heh, how appropriate, had this to say:

On behalf of all RCMP members and employees from across Canada we'd like to state that this is the most unimaginable heartbreak ever and we are sick about it. We'd like to give the Hutchinson family our most heartfelt and sincere condolences. Our hearts and our prayers are with you today.

   Perhaps you could ask Ms.Cisowski if this is the most unimaginable heartbreak ever. She may have a different opinion.

   Also of note is that after the abuse of power carried out on Mr.Dziekanski, Mr.Robinson became a member of the RCMP's Vancouver 2010 integrated security unit, involved in organizing security for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The RCMP also heads the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team which reached the conclusion that the four Mounties involved in the tasering death did nothing wrong. Unimaginable indeed.

   A couple of interesting statements from Tracey Hetherington. She seems to imply there were kids with Robinson at the time.


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