Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ottawa Police try to intimidate civilian

Posted by Christian  |  at  16.12.08


A Canadian blogger going about her business
happened upon a disturbing scene. She witnessed Ottawa Police attempting to put a bleeding , handcuffed, unconscious woman, into the back of a van. Being a responsible citizen, the blogger known as Zoom decided to document the proceedings by taking some pictures. At that point, one of Ottawa's finest decided to focus his attention toward her.

A woman said when she walked by, the young woman was unconscious, her face was grey, she was bleeding from her head, and her abdomen was rising and falling very rapidly, as if she were gasping for air. She thought maybe the police had tasered her.

I snapped another picture. The cops noticed this time. One of them strode directly over to me.

“You can’t take pictures of this,” he said. His tone was aggressive.

I slid my camera back into its case.

“Okay,” I replied.

“Erase it,” he ordered me.


“I said ‘Erase it’!” he said, “I work undercover and I don’t want my picture anywhere.”

Work undercover? Really? You're doing it wrong. The officer then goes on to harass Zoom some more, then gets involved with another bystander telling mind his own business. For more details and pictures, and perhaps to show some support for Zoom, here is her website again.


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