Thursday, January 22, 2009

Braidwood inquiry resumes, young man disrupts hearing

Posted by Christian  |  at  22.1.09

Testimony surrounding the death of Robert Dziekanski, resumed Monday after a lengthy delay. Witnesses who saw Mr.Dziekanski on both flights spoke at the hearing, and all agreed he caused no trouble.

Tom Braidwood opened the new phase of the inquiry Monday by speaking directly to Dziekanski's mother Sofia Cisowski, who sat quietly at the front of the courtroom. He promised her that his mandate is "to provide you and your family with a complete record of the circumstances" surrounding the death of her son.

A Vancouver librarian, flight attendants on each of the two flights Dziekanski took from Poland to Vancouver, and a Vancouver Airport authority greeter testified that although Dziekanski appeared to be an unsophisticated traveller without any English, he was composed and polite.

Also at the hearing, a young man, a pissed off young man interrupted the hearing and was escorted out of the building by three plainclothes RCMP officers.

The young man, dressed in a camouflage shirt, dark glasses, black gloves and carrying a backpack, burst in to demand, “Where are the accused?” in apparent reference to four RCMP officers who will not face criminal charges in connection with Dziekanski’s death.

“I’m a citizen that cares about innocent Polish people,” the man shouted, saying “these cops ain’t gonna see any f... ing time for this.”


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