Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is RCMP Commissioner William Elliott a liar?

Posted by Christian  |  at  24.2.09

Less than two weeks ago, Elliott told a House of Commons public safety committee that the rcmp had revised it's policy regarding the use of tasers

"The RCMP's revised CEW policy underscores that there are risks associated with the deployment of the device and emphasizes that those risks include the risk of death, particularly for acutely agitated individuals," Elliott told the committee.

"I do not think there is any evidence that Tasers kill but certainly we have had some incidents where shortly after a Taser was deployed individuals died," Elliott said, "and certainly there is a distinct possibility that the deployment of the Taser and the experience generally contributed to the individual's death."
Today however, when asked about the Commissioners statement, Tom Kaye, spokesperson for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, said Elliott's words were taken out of context, and that Elliott has since clarified the matter "to us."
Hmm, interesting.

This took place at a press conference held by the Canadian Police Association and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Even Julian {still an asshole} Fantino showed up, just in case you know, reporters asked some follow up questions or something. And he came through like a champ.
They said 150 studies have failed to find a link between Tasers and deaths.

However, they repeatedly refused to say which studies they had consulted before developing their Taser policy.

"Do your own homework," Fantino shot back when asked to cite a single study. "There's 150 studies worldwide."
Yeah you stoopid! Pick a study! Any study!

Oh, here's a study. Sure, pigs are standing in for humans, but Taser International has used them as well.
Taser stun guns may not be as safe as their manufacturer claims, according to a study carried out by Chicago researchers, CBC News has learned.

The team of doctors and scientists at the trauma centre in Chicago's Cook County hospital stunned 11 pigs with Taser guns in 2006, hitting their chests with 40-second jolts of electricity, pausing for 10 to 15 seconds, then hitting them for 40 more seconds.

When the jolts ended, every animal was left with heart rhythm problems, the researchers said. Two of the animals died from cardiac arrest, one three minutes after receiving a shock.
Oh and Julian, since you are convinced that tasers are safe, would you like to volunteer? Cuz,
"I think animals are good surrogates for research models in some situations," said Ho, an associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Minnesota. "In my modelling, I prefer to use humans."
just sayin!


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