Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U.K. targets Muslims under new 'anti-terror' code

Posted by Christian  |  at  17.2.09

The British government is working on a new anti-terrorism law intended to label more British Muslims as extremists. According to The Guardian, the plan would define extremists, as people who

• advocate a caliphate, a pan-Islamic state encompassing many countries.
{like a bunch of countries forming some sort of union?}

• They promote Sharia law.
{just promote it, not actually practice it?)

• They believe in jihad, or armed resistance, anywhere in the world. This would include armed resistance by Palestinians against the Israeli military.
{shut up when we are killing brown people?}

• They argue that Islam bans homosexuality and that it is a sin against Allah.
{Oh Christians? What say you?}

• They fail to condemn the killing of British soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.
{From now on whenever a soldier is killed in a war we helped start based on a pack of lies dies, every Muslim is to come out of their house and condemn armed resistance!...yes, it IS an extension of point number 3!}
The report says those identified as extremists would not be pursued criminally, just denied public funds.
Ed Husain, memeber of a 'think tank', believes these extreme views are responsible for terrorism, even though these newly defined 'extremists' do not advocate violence.
Inayat Bunglawala, a former spokesman for the Muslim Council of Great Britain, said such plans would affect many British Muslims. Bunglawala, who now runs Engage, which tries to get Muslims to participate in politics and civic society, said: "That would alienate the majority of the British Muslim public. It would be counterproductive and class most Muslims as extremists."


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