Friday, March 20, 2009

rcmp blows it. Again

Posted by Christian  |  at  20.3.09

The rcmp shows once again how utterly incompetent they are. Or they're just covering their asses, either way there is NO excuse for this nonsense.

Constable Laura Lehne filed a complaint against Corporal Tim Korman in October 2005.

Lehne alleges that at first, korman began with offensive and sexually explicit comments about her. Once she reported him for that, he continued his assault by denying her backup in the field, removing her from training courses, and messing with her work schedule.

Can you imagine having to put up with that bullshit from your supervisor?

During testimony this week, witnesses corroborated Lehne's claim regarding korman's actions.

former commanding officer Darrell McFadyen had still found the corporal responsible for acts of harassment and sexual harassment - including, among other transgressions, once being overheard by several people at a party saying he would "ride (Lehne) hard and put her away wet,"
And yet, because McFadyen just happened to miss the deadline for filing the complaint, it has been dismissed, and a petty, vindictive Tim Korman gets to keep his job without consequence.

Lehne spoke with reporters after her case was thrown out.
"I've asked the high-ranking officials of the RCMP to deal with this for 4½ years now," Lehne said.

"I knew if they dragged their feet, they would miss the timelines. It gets thrown out today. And we knew [as] we watched that this was going to occur.

"I talked to the media in 2007 and 2008, saying the RCMP are dragging their feet and this will happen," Lehne went on. "And, sure enough, today it's thrown out."
Lehne has launched a civil suit against timmy.

photo from the CBC


  1. This is insane. Maybe it's time we did to/for the RCMP the same thing we did to the Canadian Airborne Regiment, disband them. They're out of control. Enough.

  2. I'm with ya Mound. They are a disgrace.


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