Friday, March 20, 2009

sarah silverman gets politically incorrect on Real Time

Posted by Christian  |  at  20.3.09

*warning* coarse language in the clip

Last week Sarah appeared on Bill's show for a 9 minute segment. And for perhaps the second time ever, I actually didn't mind listening to her. Among the topics they discussed were, the pope and that williamson guy, - how her fascination with "broken" people keeps dragging her back to the playboy mansion - and that her father taught her how to swear when she was 3.

Sandwiched in between all that, Sarah shared her thoughts on what a 'Diva' is. She suggested that when a woman calls herself a Diva, she's really just a _ _ _ _. I know Bill has been called a sexist by some. I'm curious. Is Silverman a sexist as well?


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