Friday, April 3, 2009

Bernie Farber - CTV on notice.........Jason Kenney next

Posted by Christian  |  at  3.4.09

George Galloway is taking action against Canadian Jewish Congress mouthpiece Bernie Farber, over remarks made during an appearance on the CTV network. What those remarks were, has not been disclosed.

But Farber and the rest of the Israel can do no wrong crowd have been spewing quite a bit of late so there is probably plenty to work with.

Oh, and Mr.Galloway, if I can direct your attention to this hit piece from the same Bernie Farber in a recent National Post article. I wonder if Farber has ever condemned the slaughter of innocent Palestinian children with even half the gusto in going after Galloway?

George is planning to bring a defamation suit against Jason Kenney and an unnamed Canadian official, who he says has brandished him a terrorist. Galloway had some strong words for Steve Harper as well.
"Far, far more people across Canada and indeed across the world have paid attention to this tour than otherwise would have done if the flat-footed, blundering, dead-end, has-been, George Bush-bootlicking government in Ottawa had not taken these measures," he said to loud applause.
Ouch! Both Farber and CTV refused to comment.


  1. I truly hope Galloway follows through on his promise. Exposing the propogandists would be a delight.

  2. Anonymous,somebody has to push back. And they (the propagandists) are well organized, so it is a challenge. Their favourite move seems to be to play the victim in all of this. Anyone who is critical of Israel's actions is automatically labeled a Jew hater, and now, a threat to national security. It's a joke!


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