Thursday, April 2, 2009

have you been wondering what Zaynab Khadr has been up to recently?

Posted by Christian  |  at  2.4.09

I haven't, but still, and I'm not sure why, I find this new story intriguing.

I don't remember much of the documentary, Son of al Qaeda, starring the Khadr family. What I do remember, is not having any sympathy for them. I remember how both mother and daughter spoke affectionately when referring to bin laden. How Mrs.Khadr disapproved of Western values, so much so, that she didn't want to raise her kids here. I remember being pissed off. Anyway...

Break-in reveals marriage of judge's son, Khadr sister.


  1. I find this intriguing as well. Everyone deserves a chance at love and understanding but...I just can't wrap my head around it. Oh well.

  2. hi Jeanialice, I agree, people should be given a chance to explain and perhaps even be understood. But the Khadrs' came across as rather insensitive. It seemed like they were throwing out justifications for what had happened while being incapable of comprehending the significance of their words.

    But yeah, if it's okay with the Boyle family, well, whatever.

  3. I agree with Christian and Jeanialice... it seems a little bizarre, but the judge's family (Boyles?) have said only kind words so far. I'm not sure about Zaynab Khadr, but at the very least, the Boyle family sure seems like a class act- they come across as saints for being so kind in welcoming her into their (very respected) family.

  4. hey Jenna, perhaps Zaynab did a better job of explaining things to her new family.

  5. Good point, Christian. I hadn't really thought of that. I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall though to hear that explanation.


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