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Lisa Raitt tops lobby list. Still NOT sexy!

Posted by Christian  |  at  14.6.09

No surprise she has been such a failure when it comes to the Chalk River crisis, Lisa Raitt is simply too busy being wooed by corporate lobbyists. She cannot worry about silly things like isotopes. 

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Raiit, leads all con cabinet ministers, with 102 meetings with registered lobbyists since becoming minister of natural resources. Some of Lisa’s favourites are  energy companies EnCana, Suncor, TransCanada, Imperial Oil and Shell Canada.


according to Raiit’s spokesman, johnny-on-the-spot  Steve Outhouse, that just shows Lisa is working hard. Well, working hard does not necessarily equal being productive.

Overall, in the 11 months covered by registry records, steve harper’s cabinet has been contacted by lobbyists close to 1000 times. Contacts with harper himself are reported to be at 29. Those include propaganda outlet, the Canada-Israel Committee, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and the Royal Bank.

The  Citizen also states that there have been many more contacts among lobbyists and other government officials.


Over the first 11 months covered by registry records, lobbyists reported making contact with members of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet more than 950 times.

As part of the Tories' changes to ethics laws, lobbyists are required to report all contact with public office holders -- cabinet ministers, ministerial staff and senior government officials.

The records of these meetings or phone calls are listed in a public registry, now containing more than 6,500 contacts between lobbyists and government officials. has more names and numbers.


  • Jim Prentice (environment) 85
  • Tony Clement (industry) 81
  • John Baird (transportation) 63
  • Jim Flaherty (finance) 59
  • Stockwell Day (international trade) 58
  • Gary Goodyear (science and technology — junior) 45
  • Gerry Ritz (agriculture) 43
  • Rob Merrifield (transportation — junior) 42
  • James Moore (Canadian heritage) 32
  • Stephen Harper (prime minister) 27
  • Leona Aglukkaq (health) 28
  • Peter Van Loan (public safety) 18
  • Peter MacKay (defence) 13

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