Friday, August 28, 2009

Doer to be named new U.S. ambassador-confirmed

Posted by Christian  |  at  28.8.09

Well that didn't take long. I wonder when the discussions started.

OTTAWA — Outgoing Manitoba Premier Gary Doer will be named Canada's new ambassador to the U.S., the Canadian Embassy in Washington has confirmed.

Doer announced he was stepping down as premier Thursday.

The Prime Minister's Office has not confirmed the appointment.

The PMO, however, issued a statement early Friday saying Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be meeting with the new ambassador-designate of Canada to the U.S. at 9:30 a.m. in Ottawa.

Speculation Doer had accepted a posting to Washington D.C. or overseas began as soon as the premier announced he was stepping down.

From the Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec Premier Jean Charest said Thursday he liked the idea of his longtime ally and friend possibly ending up in Washington, D.C., as Canada's ambassador to the United States.
"If that were the case, then I would be the first to applaud that,'' Charest told the Free Press in an interview only hours after Doer announced he would step down Thursday.

It was inevitable Doer would wind up in the United States, said University of Manitoba political studies professor Jared Wesley. "It was just a question of where."

In his resignation speech on Tursday, Doer hinted at the possibility a Tory prime minister could appoint an NDP premier to a high-profile position.

"The old left-right jargon I believe is out of date and out of touch with the public," he said.


  1. I can only imagine the outrage if this had been a Liberal who quit his job for a cushy appointment by right wing imbecile. However, since Gary is\was an NDP'er, I'm sure his motives are pure.

  2. Harper still appointed 27 cronies to the Senate.

  3. Yes, I read that, SD. I fail to see how that has anything to do with the Doer appointment, though.


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