Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome! steve harper, his god and family are pro-choice!

Posted by Christian  |  at  30.8.09

Or, steve the skeeve is full of shit. Either way. From a recent article in the Globe and Mail, here is the proof:

In the article, Mr. Harper said it's too early to consider how history will treat him, adding that a more pressing and ever-present priority is ensuring family comes first.

“The important thing, for me, is to preserve family ties. I can win elections, but if I lose my family, it's a disaster.”

He said he is not troubled by thoughts of what judgment history will render.

“To be honest with you, I am a lot more concerned by God's verdict regarding my life than the one of historians,” the Prime Minister said with a laugh, according to the article.

End of story. Right? Because if steve won an election while putting the abortion issue aside, he, his family, and his god must be okay with it, no?


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