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So what are we left with? A useless plan and a worthless government. Just the way neo-cons like it.

Posted by Christian  |  at  31.8.09

From the star.    
  Slimy steve and one of his backward ministers have decided that helping big business is more important than helping average Canadians.
harper and his ministers
Not only has this incompetent bunch of fools killed what promised to be an effective tool for consumers, now taxpayers are on the hook for the tens of thousands of dollars spent on research and development. 

I suppose for the harper government, the merits of free enterprise are only legitimate  if they benefit corporations. From the star article:


After spending tens of thousands of dollars creating and testing an online calculator designed to help consumers select their ideal wireless plan, Industry Minister Tony Clement killed the project weeks before it was scheduled to launch.

Government records suggest intense lobbying this spring by Canada's wireless companies, who feared the service would promote lower-cost plans, played a key role in the decision.

Well, the lobbyists do love tony. He ranked third among the ‘most contacted by lobbyists competition’, back in June. Lisa I’m too sexy to apologize Raitt, ranked number 1.


The Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA), a branch within Industry Canada with a mandate to promote and protect consumer interests, was the original source for Which Cell Plan? A Calculator.

The calculator asked consumers for detailed information about their current or anticipated cellphone use and provided them with a detailed list of suitable plans from Canadian providers.

Imagine that! A government agency actually fulfilling their responsibility, only to be stopped by a bunch of charlatans whose battle cry is, "government sucks!". 


According to lobbyist registration records, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association and Bell Canada met with officials from Clement's office on April 8, with the association listing telecommunications regulation and consumer issues as the topics of discussion.

Two weeks later, Telus also met with the same officials to discuss consumer issues.

The carriers were apparently concerned that the tool only covered voice services and was geared toward lower-priced plans.

Yes, I can see why the carriers were concerned. How are they going to afford those million dollar bonuses if the government gives already struggling Canadians some useful options? That’s just crazy. How does anyone expect them to pay for the latest yacht?


Sensing that Clement was facing pressure to block the calculator, Canadian consumer groups wrote to the minister, urging him to stick with it.

But alas, tony clement and steve harper ultimately chose to throw Canadians under the proverbial bus. Or in this case, a luxurious boat. Either way, whether they be Canadians at home or abroad, this regime is a disgrace.


Despite months of preparation, thousands of dollars in taxpayer expense, the creation of an effective tool and the obvious benefits for lower-income Canadians, Clement nevertheless killed the project.

So what are we left with? A useless plan and a worthless government. Just the way neo-cons like it.


In the meantime, Industry Canada has posted a cellphone checklist that asks consumers many of the same questions, but does not provide any information on carrier plans or pricing.


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