Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

Posted by Christian  |  at  16.9.09

Awesome! Dr.Dawg proving there is no difference between left wingers and right wingers!
Except for the fact that right wingers actually govern!

Dr.dawg has banned me from commenting, and even threatened to ban all "Liberal" posters!

Here is the whole thread. Watch the accusations fly. They ban you, and then attack!

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

Gravatar Brison is a moron.
And given that he's been in both parties, he really is a Librocon...
CWTF | 09.15.09 - 8:31 pm | #

Gravatar Hey Dawg! Are you being paid by any political party? Yes, that includes the ndp'rs.
Christian | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 9:08 pm | #

Gravatar Good God,no. But sometimes I think I should be!
Dr.Dawg | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 9:14 pm | #

Gravatar Wow. Sounds like Rae wasn't being truthful when he said that they'd be listening to all sides of the story when the bill went to committee.

Hey Scott Brison!! How many pro-government death squads are roaming around Venezuela killing Chavez's enemies? None? How many Indian peasants are being slaughtered by pro-government militias in Venezuela? None?

But Chavez is "evil" and Colombia is, ... what exactly?
thwap | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 9:23 pm | #

Gravatar I agree, you should be paid. Any fluffer should receive proper compensation.
Christian | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 9:25 pm | #

Gravatar Brison is a sick man. And his party is chock-a-block with sick, amoral people whose only interest is power.

I'm seriously thinking about banning all Liberals from this site unless they speak out against the banality of Ignatieff-Rae evil.

That goes for their flak "Christian." Peddle your sexual fantasies somewhere else, little man.
Dr.Dawg | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 9:25 pm | #

Gravatar Hold the damn phone there Christian, you disingenuous twat. How dare you attempt to label the good Doc Dawg a fluffer when there's a prominent link on the front page of your blog to a Liberal party fundraising site? You can cast your petty aspersions after you rinse the gritty seed out of your own mouth.
psa | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 9:32 pm | #

Gravatar Now PSA don't go all logical and shit on Christian, after all he is cognizant compared to the dunderheads over at the Blogging Tories..

If only he could take the blinders off once and awhile...
CWTF | 09.15.09 - 9:40 pm | #

Gravatar So Christian how does it feel to be supporting death merchants? Pretty neat I can imagine for you...
CWTF | 09.15.09 - 9:41 pm | #

Gravatar I'm seriously thinking about banning all Liberals from this site unless they speak out against the banality of Ignatieff-Rae evil.

Time to boot this this lefty thug off Progressive Bloggers.
Liberal | 09.15.09 - 9:55 pm | #

Gravatar Time to boot this this lefty thug off Progressive Bloggers.
That you Warren Kinsella?
CWTF | 09.15.09 - 10:00 pm | #

Gravatar That would say something about ProgBlogs.

More tomorrow. I'm quite serious about this.
Dr.Dawg | Homepage | 09.15.09 - 10:17 pm | #

Gravatar "I'm seriously thinking about banning all Liberals from this site ....."

Oh dear. So where would that leave me....?

"Time to boot this this lefty thug off Progressive Bloggers."

Hey, Liberal, I don't agree with Dawg's politics at all, but his material is always interesting, even with one or two of his hangups. And I don't quite know how he does it, but he does attract a reasonably high standard of comment.

Booting Dawg off "Progressive Bloggers" would be like the NDP expelling Ed Broadbent or one of the elder Lewises.

knygathin_zhaum | 09.15.09 - 11:01 pm | #

Gravatar Christian's red herring dump on the thread was very Blogging Tory. I think he was just lashing out from the shame this post made him feel.

I think its ti-guy at 9:55.
lenny | 09.16.09 - 12:10 am | #


  1. So you're really presenting a series of comments that make you look like a total douche-bag spewing offensive and homophobic insults and being asked to leave for doing so in your defense? We can't see the comment that was denied but if it was on a par with the 'fluffer' remark I probably wouldn't let it through either. Would you make a comment like that to someone's face in their home? If you are a big enough jackass to do so would you then really be shocked if they asked you to leave for doing so?

    May I suggest you look up the term 'cognitive dissonance'?

  2. You poor, precious wilting blossom. How awfully horrible this has all been for you. Do have a lozenge.

  3. I am presenting what transpired, Cliff! And your right wing tactic of labeling me as a homophobe fails. Why would you associate the term 'fluffer' as a homosexual activity, Cliff? I used it as a metaphor, because from what I've seen, dawg swallows all things Layton.

    I have highlighted real homophobia before, more than once, actually, so shove your right-wing bullshit up your ass.

    Oh, is that homophobic as well, Cliff?

    And I wasn't "asked to leave", Cliff! I was banned. Do you see the difference?

    How is one supposed to have a discussion when one is silenced?

    Lindsay Stewart, if your comment is directed my way, I'm fine, thanks

  4. Again, to be clear, your idea of 'having a discussion' is crude sexual insults?

    I'll repeat the question you avoided answering: Would you make a remark like that to someone's face in their home? Wold you be surprised if you were then asked to leave and told not to come back?

  5. Again, Cliff, it was a metaphor.

    And my idea, Cliff? Have you read some of dawg's headlines and accusations? I really didn't think your 'in someone's home question' was that important, but if I were in that situation and they spewed the over the top nonsense that dawg does, I would voluntarily leave and not go back. In fact, I'll practice what I preach and stay clear of dawg's blog.

  6. Not an important question but you still assiduously avoid answering it - which in itself is probably an answer isn't it?

  7. Cliff, I respect you for engaging. I think I answered your question.

  8. Nope. You didn't.

    So one final time: Would you make a crude sexual insult - which is what your remark was whether you accept that or not - directly to someone's face in their home and would you be surprised if they then asked you to leave and told you not to come back? Do you believe the standards of basic civility are different on the internet?


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