Sunday, September 13, 2009

steve harper manipulating information coming out of Afghanistan

Posted by Christian  |  at  13.9.09

Well what a shock! Neo-con steve has put together an impressive network of spies to monitor reporters covering the war.
The records, obtained under Access to Information legislation, show that what reporters are asking about, what they are writing about and what they have been told are the subject of regular briefing notes shared with everyone from officers in Kandahar to commanders in Ottawa to civilian officials reporting to the prime minister.
No doubt so steve and the professional liars on his staff can come up with their best spin.
The briefings outline which news organizations have reporters in the field, what information they have requested and what stories they are working on.

They show some interviews are either approved or denied by the Privy Council Office. Talking points for other interviews are approved in advance.
So which interviews is steve harper denying the journalists? Is he preventing reporters from uncovering relevant information Canadians should know about? Even going as far as providing the talking points! That's our steve!

But, wait! Navy Capt. Dave Scanlon, who just happens to be director of public affairs operations with the Defence Department, says there's nothing to see here.
"It's our job to monitor the media and that includes the work of individual journalists – but in full respect for freedom of the press," he says.
Really? How does fully respecting the media square with dictating which interviews are or aren't granted? He goes on.
"When we pass that information up our chain of command to warn them about what may or may not appear in the press the next day so that they're ready for it, that's a natural part of our work and an expected part of our work."

"It's part of my job to tell the Canadian Forces story, but to do that as part of a whole of government context. It has to be done with the political oversight of the government of the day."
Thank-you Captain Scanlon, for admitting neither you nor the government can be trusted with telling Canadians the whole truth!


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