Monday, October 19, 2009

Why would the harpercons rush out two million doses of H1N1 vaccines when clinical trials are ongoing?

Posted by Christian  |  at  19.10.09

Could it be because this do nothing government is far too busy with arts and crafts to worry about things like governing?

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced today that GlaxoSmithKline Plc has shipped out two million doses of the vaccine to Canadian provinces, with more on the way. However,
She said the vaccines would be offered to the public once clinical trials have been concluded and the federal regulator gives its approval.
Why in the world, at this late stage, are clinical trials still being performed? Is it simply a case of right wing ideology, which amounts to little more than "hey, at least we're doing something!" ?

The fact that the trials only began sometime in the past seven days, only after the bottling process had begun, doesn't inspire any confidence in these clowns. Last week
About one million doses of Canada's H1N1 vaccine have already been bottled and are getting ready for rollout while clinical trials are set to begin this week, the country's chief public health officer said Tuesday.

Dr. David Butler-Jones emphasized there has been no delay in delivering Canada's H1N1 vaccine and that it will be ready for large-scale immunization programs the first week of November, if not sooner.
I suppose if one substitutes safety for expediency, well done! However, it looks like this government is scrambling to catch up and hellbent on getting the drug out the door, consequences be damned.

That could explain why Health Canada's role in the trials will be limited. Add the fact that your plan is to treat Canadians as guinea pigs.
Additional studies will be done on certain Canadian subpopulations he said, and the surveillance systems that keep track of side effects have been enhanced so that safety data will be gathered after the vaccine is rolled out and closely monitored.

What about women who may be pregnant and at a higher risk of contracting H1N1? Are they part of that "subpopulation"? That's a crap-shoot as well.
While health officials say adjuvanted vaccines are just as safe as the unadjuvanted type, there is no safety data for their use in pregnant women and little data on the safety of the additives in vaccines given to children.
But have no fear, ladies. According to Dr. David Butler-Jones, If you think you could become infected with the H1N1 virus, just take whatever vaccine is available. If you should happen to die, rest assured, they'll monitor it.


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