Thursday, December 17, 2009

Democracy stephen harper-style: How do you like it so far?

Posted by Christian  |  at  17.12.09

um, what he said!

Lawrence Martin with an excellent recap of the past 4 years under the harper regime. A snippet

It is said that a hallmark of democracy is the toleration of dissent. Best leave that one in the church pew. Exceptional measures need be used to crush the opposition. Stuff such as taking the unprecedented step of launching personal attack ads between election campaigns. Or trying to push through a measure that would effectively cut off financing to the opposition.

A heavy dose of demagoguery also can go a long way. Play on simple prejudices by accusing opponents of not supporting the troops or of being anti-Israel. If nothing's working, if the going gets really tough, don't hesitate to bring out the heavy timber. Just after Parliament has reopened, have it shut down.


  1. "William Johnson, a biographer of Stephen Harper, says flatly that “the government has subverted Canadian democracy.”"

    Now what?

  2. I have no clue. Well, actually, one thing the opposition could do is come up with a team to push back at all the harper propaganda. As soon as harper's lackeys spew their nonsense, they should come out and refute it. Correct the lies and misinformation. Focus on the obstructionist nature of the harpercons.

    It would be a start, at least.

  3. That would be working for the system. The system is broken. It's time for the media/us to step up with words and pitchforks. It's obvious we can't depend on the Liberals and NDP to DO something, anything. They are far too soft, Iggy is not a politician and Layton is sometimes blurry. We've lost control of our own parliament, how do we seriously get rid of Harper once and for all? We all must find a vision to save the country. It's five minutes to a Majority next election.

  4. I agree with your concerns. harper is way too close to majority territory for my liking. How do we get rid of harper? The only viable solution imo, is we band together and crush him in the next election. If that means a coalition, then so be it.


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