Friday, December 18, 2009

"We felt CEFCOM didn't one in Canada gave a crap"

Posted by Christian  |  at  18.12.09

Global National has a short video report of a military police sergeant who says her warnings of a prisoner in custody under unsuitable conditions were ignored.

In an interview with the Military Police Complaints Commission, Sgt. Carol Utton told them that in the Spring of 2007, Ottawa sent word the transfer/release of detainees was to be temporarily suspended. At the time, Canadians were operating a walled compound with eight cells designed to hold prisoners for up to 96 hours. One prisoner was in custody at the time. Due to the new directive, he was held there for days on end with the temperature inside the cell reaching as high as 140 degrees F.

Canadian soldiers tried to help the prisoner by handing over frozen bottles of water, to no avail. His screams continued prompting some soldiers to ask if it was a dog crying. Sgt.Utton says they were frustrated with Ottawa's response.
"Our hands were tied because CEFCOM {Ottawa headquarters} was saying you cannot release him"
Utton said her boss sent warnings to superiors.
"She did everything she could to let the chain of command know how serious it was."

"We felt CEFCOM didn't one in Canada gave a crap"
Let the denials continue.


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