Friday, December 18, 2009

Canada's troops being investigated for Afghan abuse

Posted by Christian  |  at  18.12.09

Remember when discredited peter macKay accused the opposition of attacking the troops in response to Richard Colvin's testimony in November? Right, you're probably asking, 'which time?' Well this was on December 10.
"The member is suggesting by implication that the military did something wrong, that somehow they did not do the right thing. That is what is so despicable," MacKay said on Dec. 10.
First, nobody was accusing the troops of any wrongdoing, second, while the military police have ruled five of the six cases lacked merit, one investigation is still ongoing. Disgraced peter macKay had to have known about these allegations because according to the CBC, the documents they received 'were written for Defence Minister Peter MacKay in March to prepare him for question period.'
Canada's military police have been quietly investigating allegations for more than a year that the country's troops abused Afghan detainees, CBC News has learned.

Canadian soldiers captured the detainees sometime in 2008 and the investigation into their conduct has been ongoing for at least a year.
I have no idea how legitimate the conclusions of the military police are, since they seem to be willing to hide anything that embarrasses the harper government. Put aside the fact macKay knew this, put aside the court martial of a Canadian captain charged with murdering a wounded Afghan fighter in his custody, for macKay to hide behind the troops like a coward just reinforces how much of a despicable douchebag he really is.


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