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Peter Kent: the harper government is only anti~semitic behind closed doors

Posted by Christian  |  at  19.12.09

Why does stephen harper hate the Jooz?
All right, perhaps those weren't Kent's exact words, but if one straps on some tin foil and takes a trip through crazy con country, the implication is obvious.

After reading BigCityLib Strikes Back's post yesterday relating to the harper government's politically motivated decision to cut funding for Kairos on the basis of anti-semitism, I was reminded of a brief interview I read about a few days ago. I don't even recall how I landed on this page, but I did find the short exchange interesting. With stephen harper and his merry band of sycophants accusing anyone who criticizes Israel as being anti-semitic, I thought I'd share Mr.Kent's little Q & A session.

Steve Paikin met with Peter Kent on November 18 and asked him three questions. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that's why Paikin titled his piece, Three Questions for Peter Kent.

The first question is irrelevant.
Steve's second question and Kent's response.
Q: I noticed when I attended Question Period earlier today (November 18, 2009) that, rather than ad-libbing your answers as you would have frequently done in your broadcasting days, you read everything from prepared sheets. How come?

A: I can ad-lib answers around specific points but I’m covering a lot of files today that aren’t normally mine.

One of the strengths of our government and one of the shortcomings of the opposition parties is that we make sure everyone knows what our government’s position is. We make sure we speak to issues with a united voice.
Translation: A monkey could do my job, I don't need to know anything, really. We receive talking points from propaganda headquarters and repeat them until our lies seem plausible.

Third Q & A.
Q: So that’s why you, and the prime minister, and other ministers all end up using the exact same quotes when you answer questions?

A: Yes. So when we’re asked about the Israeli position on settlements, we never criticize Israel publicly. We say those settlements are “unhelpful” in finding a comprehensive peace settlement.

We’ve put on the record our position on nuclear power and India. We say “it’s no longer the 1970’s, it’s now 2009.” I saw the prime minister’s quote in the newspapers to that effect yesterday, and so I used it today.
Translation: Again, most of us don't understand what the hell is going on! But as long as we stick to the script and mouth platitudes, we should be fine.

So there we have it. Following the logical conclusion to the conservatives illogical argument that criticism of Israel = anti-semitism, the harper conservatives are anti-semitic, just not publicly.


  1. unbelievable! These guys really have no clue how twisted their own words sound.

    I hadn't read that interview. Great find. Very telling.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, their top priority is image/message control. If I ever get around to it, I will post on their war room. I've had it bookmarked for a while, just haven't really had the time.


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