Friday, December 25, 2009

happy x~mas to all

Posted by Christian  |  at  25.12.09

And with a little luck, here's hoping it will turn into a xx or xxx, for you :)

As a show of appreciation for all who contribute to my favourite blog aggregator, I have decided to make a contribution, in your name. Now now, don't feel guilty for not getting me anything. The true spirit of the holiday season is giving, not receiving. And it is within that spirit which I contribute in all your names to the "Human Fund". Hey, it's money for the people! Who can argue against that?

As a result of this selfless act, you will now have extra time for what truly matters at this time of year. fighting with family Drinking too much and overeating. So with that, I wish all Progressive Bloggers and their families {along with Parliament Shill and reedwrites} a happy and healthy holiday with continued well being.


  1. happy holidays!

    (I love the cats on the side. Lynx? Or bobcats? I'm not a cat person, but the wild ones...gorgeous.)

  2. All the best, BIG Jesus!

    Yes, those are Lynx. But I'm not sure what part of the world they hail from. Some are pretty ugly!


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