Saturday, September 11, 2010

Canadian women to stephen harper: you're just not man enough to satisfy me

Posted by Christian  |  at  11.9.10

Meh, it's my duty to mock this tyrant.

Not really a big surprise, considering stephen harper has admitted he has probably {read most likely} never even seduced his wife. But after reading this story and catching up on some blasts from the past, this Divine video just seemed appropriate.

Give it a chance, it was a great dance song.

some of the lyrics

Turn around
Stand up like a man and look me in the eye
Turn around
Take one final look at what you've left behind

Then walk away
From the greatest lover you have ever known
Yes walk away
You're telling me that you can make it
On your own, by yourself
All alone, without my help
Mister you just made a big mistake

You think you're a man
But you're only a boy
You think you're a man
You are only a toy
You think you're a man
But you just couldn't see
You weren't man enough to satisfy me
I was a DJ in another life, and a Divine song always spiced things up.

His best though, was Native Love....

warning~extended version


  1. I don't know if this video is 1980's cheese. Then again, all 1980's videos were cheesy.

    If Harper went from plus size to double-plus size, and if he put on a wig, he would certainly look like Divine. Canadians are not man enough to satisfy Harper. We are only toys.

  2. Hey SD. Hope all is well.

    Yeah, in general, 80's videos sucked. And really, the video is no more cheesy than my post. But dammit, I must keep my promise to not abandon this blogging thing, entirely :)

    Regarding your second point, I must say, very clever. Canadians really are just toys in harper's world.


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