Sunday, September 19, 2010

george dubya's illegal war kills at least 29 more

Posted by Christian  |  at  19.9.10

As far as I'm concerned, george.w.bush, george tenet, dick cheney, condoleezza rice, et al, should be in fucking jail! Great clip. You can see the hurt in his eyes.

Thank~you Sean, for putting yourself out there and taking on the real evildoers. I don't agree with all of your opinions. But I get it. I get why you are so pissed off. Rolling around in the mud with them can get dirty. And you certainly have taken your fair share of hits. So again, thank~you for using your soapbox for a greater good.

Now, for all the right~wingers, left~wingers, libertarians, teabaggers, whatever you want to call yourselves, this is NOT the Black guy's war! He opposed it even at a time when it was considered unpatriotic. No matter what happens in Iraq, this will always be george w. fucking bush's war. Deal with it!

Many killed in Baghdad blasts

At least 29 people have been killed in two near-simultaneous car bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

In one of Sunday's incidents, a bomb went off in the busy Adan juncture in the northwestern Kadhimiya district as people were heading to work. Nineteen people were killed in the blast, near an office of the national security ministry.

Security forces said another car bomb in the western Mansour district killed 10 people outside the Zarzour kebab restaurant and the office of the phone company Asiacell.

An official said the victims of both blasts were brought to the same hospital and the chaotic situation made it difficult to give more details about the casualties in each of the blasts.

About 100 people were wounded in the two explosions.

Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh, reporting from Baghdad, said officials believed civilians were targets of both attacks.

Green Zone attack

Also on Sunday, a father and son were killed when a magnetic bomb was attached to their car in Ghazaliyah in western Baghdad, an interior ministry official said.

The official said three mortar rounds had also been fired into the capital's heavily fortified Green Zone, home to many foreign embassies and government buildings, without causing any casualties or damage.


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