Saturday, February 5, 2011

harper infiltrates CRTC

Posted by Christian  |  at  5.2.11

According to Heritage Minister James Moore's office, just because Tom Pentefountas fails to meet the criterion required for the position of vice-chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and he is buddies with harper's spin doctor Dimitri Soudas, Tom was the best candidate available. Nothing to see here.

NDP heritage critic Charlie Angus, disagrees.

“We see their intense interest in Fox-style news. Mr. Harper has already asked for personal updates on the process at the CRTC,” the New Democrat charged. “His former communications director [Kory Teneycke] suddenly leaves and then announces that he is going to lead up the run for Sun TV. Then the CRTC announces well maybe we don’t need any broadcast standards.”

On the eve of that decision there will be someone with ties to the Conservative Party with no broadcast experience who is sitting as the vice-chair, Mr. Angus said.

“It’s a $60-billion industry,” he said. “You have to have credible people who have are seen as transparent and accountable. You can’t have the Prime Minister deciding he’s going to put political friends on there.”


  1. Maybe it will serve to offset all the pro-Liberal bias in the CBC. I realize it seems fair for the CBC to hate the party that is rooting for their destruction. However, to have a biased government funded media organization that the other guys have to complete against without comparable funding hardly seems fair. If not for the fact that they almost exclusively produce garbage, I'd be worried that the other companies are at an unfair disadvantage.

  2. If by "Maybe it will serve to offset all the pro-Liberal bias in the CBC", you mean the Conservatives must use unethical ploys to install a puppet so they can lie and smear without fear of impunity, to offset any criticism directed their way, because let's face it, harper's clan views any critique as an assault, then yeah, I can see where some would even encourage this behaviour.


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