Sunday, October 16, 2011

herman cain disputes he's flavor of the week by naming himself after flavor out of production

Posted by Christian  |  at  16.10.11

I know, I know. But if one is gonna use the same metaphor over and over and over again, shouldn't he or she at least make sure the thing being compared to, actually exists?!.........just sayin

Cain regarding Chris Christie's possible run for the wingnut nomination:

~ “He’ll get a lot of attention, suck up a lot of oxygen for a while, and at the same time, you’ll see ‘black walnut’ moving up the charts!”

In response to criticism from the Queen of Quit:

~ “I can eat black walnut all the time – it’s not a flavor of the week! It’s not that heavy. You can eat it on the cone or in a cup.”
(Not sure why, but that bolded part is giving me a good chuckle.)

On Conan's Leno's show:

~ “I happen to believe there’s iced milk, and then there’s Haagen-Dazs black walnut. Substance, that’s the difference. I got the substance. I’m the black walnut! It lasts longer than a week.”

Anyway, ABC News actually did a fact check on this.

Here’s the problem: Haagen Dazs no longer makes black walnut ice cream. It was a limited edition, and is no longer available.

When contacted by ABC News, Hazel, at the Haagen-Daz customer service line, said, “We don’t sell black walnut. The sales nationally did not meet our expectations, unfortunately. It did not behoove us to continue with the product.”

Hey,laughing at stupid things, is still laughing!


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