Saturday, October 1, 2011

toronto star: Liberals best choice for Ontario’s future

Posted by Christian  |  at  1.10.11

And I agree. My short explanation is this. I would never vote for a right wing conservative such as Tim Hudak. And after observing Andrea Horwath in the spotlight for the first time, I'm not impressed with her either.

The Star has a more legitimate breakdown. Some points.

Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats both claim to offer the “change” they feel voters want. While they have worked hard to relate to voters’ insecurities and fears about jobs and rising costs, neither has put forward credible plans that would address those concerns.

Under the Liberals, Ontario’s education system has become a world leader. They brought in full-day kindergarten. High-school graduation rates have gone up sharply. And more students than ever are going on to college and university. The government invested heavily in hospitals, doctors and nurses and, more recently, has begun to implement important cost-saving measures in health care. It stabilized our electricity system; the blackout of 2003 is a bad memory and we no longer have to wonder whether the lights will go out again.

McGuinty has proven he is willing to make politically difficult but necessary decisions. Indeed, that’s where much of his unpopularity comes from.

On energy, McGuinty would have been more popular if he continued the game that previous premiers played — under-investing in our electricity system and hiding rising costs within the provincial budget. Instead, he made the right decision for Ontario’s future. Hydro bills are higher, but despite the claims by Hudak and Horwath that has little to do with the Liberals’ green energy policies. It has far more to do with investments in new power supply (nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric), transmission lines and paying down debt left over from previous governments. The suggestion by Hudak and Horwath that electricity will be much cheaper if they win isn’t credible.


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