Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pregnant Woman Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate

Posted by Christian  |  at  21.8.12

And people were upset with this guy? Say what you will about Rapepublican Todd Akin, but he's comforted at least one woman.
LITCHFIELD, CT—Though she was initially upset following the brutal sexual assault last month that left her pregnant, victim Martha Byars told reporters she was relieved Sunday to learn from Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) that her ability to conceive her unwanted child proves she was not, in fact, legitimately raped.

“It was absolutely horrific—I felt violated in the worst way imaginable—but thanks to Congressman Akin, I now realize it must, at some level, have been consensual after all.”
Hmm, that article has caused me to wonder if perhaps, some are being too hard on Akin over this. When one considers his party's stellar reputation when it comes to supporting women's rights, this is most likely a one off. I think this article explains well, why ridiculous comments like those from Akin, are rare.
WASHINGTON—In the wake of last weekend’s highly controversial comments from Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), top Republican officials condemned the congressman’s statements Monday, calling them a black mark on the party’s otherwise flawless record on women’s rights issues. “Throughout our history, whether it’s been our position on birth control, abortion, or equal pay for equal work, Republicans have always stood together with women, listening to their needs and fighting for issues that are are important to them.

That is why we were stunned that someone from our own party could have made such insensitive remarks or expressed such uninformed opinions about women,”
Yeah, I'm certain it will never happen again.

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