Sunday, September 23, 2012

doug ford: Chicago media loves rob...Chicago media: rob ford is a big fat idiot

Posted by Christian  |  at  23.9.12

The Toronto tea bagger team of rob and doug ford are whining, again, because media here, have the audacity to challenge what the twin trolls say. In addition to the traditional outlets, The Star, Globe & Mail, CBC, today they directed their anger toward Newstalk 1010, while on air spewing the usual nonsense. During a 1010 news update, rob ford's claim that the trip to the Windy City would not cost taxpayers a dime, was described as false. Well, that's all it took for the ford fucks to slide into victim/projection mode. From The Star:

Early in the Sunday show, Rob Ford claimed again that last week’s official trip to Chicago won’t cost taxpayers “a dime” — even though taxpayers are picking up the tab for at least some of the eight councillors who attended. Newstalk ran a mid-show update that pointed out his claim was false.
Soon after, Doug Ford said unnamed members of the media are “like a bunch of little sucky little kids” who “whine and cry and moan” when the Fords stand up to them and who “sensationalize and lie through their teeth.”
Rob Ford then added: “They’re pathological liars, that’s what drives me nuts. The projection, oh, the projection from these two buffoons! The Star points out more of their lies and ends the piece with the Chicago blog post. Opinion: Big, Obnoxious Toronto Mayor Visits Chicago, Blends In Too Well
Here, it didn’t make the Tribune or the Sun-Times. Maybe that’s because, as I found out when I wrote a Great Lakes travelogue, Americans don’t want to read about Canada. Or maybe it’s because Ford didn’t look at all like a foreigner in Chicago. Although the Toronto Sun portrayed him as Jake Blues, he actually looks more like Jim Belushi’s brother-in-law on According to Jim than John Belushi. And he has the personality of Saturday Night Live motivational speaker Matt Foley. Ford is so loud and obese it wouldn’t have been surprising if he’d applied for asylum in the United States.


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