Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stephen Harper=Fail

Posted by Christian  |  at  2.12.08

What a bitter, desperate tfool Stephen Harper has shown himself to be. For the past few days, liar and hypocrite Stephen Harper (and his cronies) has been pounding the message that the opposition parties are anti-Canadian. (Freudian projection, anyone?) El oh El, he outdid himself today though.

OTTAWA — An attempt by Stephen Harper to wrap himself in the flag and take a dig at the opposition coalition fell flat Tuesday

“Yesterday, as part of the culmination of the machinations of the leader of the NDP, we had these three parties together, forming this agreement, signing a document and they wouldn’t even have the Canadian flag behind them,” he said.

Video confirms that Harper was technically right. There wasn’t a Canadian flag in the background — there were two.

Hey Steve, President Elect Obama has a message for you!

The cons in the U.S tried the same nonsense with Obama too. In fact, so did a few Democrats. Hopefully most people won't be fooled.

There was an interesting exchange between a reporter and one of the so-called "moderate" Conservatives. Follow this logic.

Question: Is it appropriate in the context of a big debate now that’s unfolding in the country for the prime minister to make a false statement in the House that the Canadian flag was not there behind the news conference when photos show it actually was?

Hon. Jim Prentice: Well, it was clear, I watched the press conference myself, they were not Canadian flags behind the three opposition leaders. There were a number of flags there. And I think the implication was clear that there were not only Canadian flags behind him. That’s the point.

Question: But, Minister, there were Canadian flags. We were there. There were Canadian flags (inaudible) so why did you say there weren’t?

(Inaudible) in the House in the context of a heated debate like this?

Hon. Jim Prentice: Excuse me?

Question: Why wouldn’t you answer that question?

Hon. Jim Prentice: There was a Canadian flag. The point is there were not only Canadian flags behind the opposition parties when they announced —

Question: (Inaudible)

Question: provincial flags.

Question: Are you saying they’re anti-Canadian, Minister?

P.S. Kady O'Malley rocks! I have just recently become aware of Ms.O'Malley so I'm not sure how often she actually does it, but she live blogs from Parliament Hill in a really clever and entertaining way.


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